I Created a NEW Podcast!

I love that in my work, I get to share powerful stories.

Stories are one of the most ancient ways of learning.

The very best leaders LOVE hearing the stories of others.

The very best leaders practice being interestED vs. interesting (love this concept by Keith Ferrazzi in Never Eat Alone). In doing so they learn, show compassion, identify opportunities to serve, and MUCH more.

So, when was the last time you were really interestED? I mean REALLY interested?

You have an opportunity to get that way, right now…

A few weeks ago I had the “a-ha” that I need to do MORE to share stories of leadership through the eyes of the ROCKSTARS I know. My friends, clients and colleges are doing tremendous things and since I know so many amazing people who are truly changing the world, I want to help elevate their stories and in turn I hope it elevates YOU!

As I thought about what “MORE” story sharing looked like for me, the vision for my new podcast was born.

I love writing, but it often takes me a long time to get content written. So, I figured I could use my gift of gab, record awesome interviews and upload them for my loving, interestED tribe.

My vision is FINALLY ready to share, so when you have 30 minutes, Give my new podcast a listen, leader!

Here’s why you should invest your time in my first episode:

Who’s featured: Joshua Meredith


He’s a #millennial lawyer who teaches Master’s students about Ethics in the Workplace at Georgetown University.

Meredith is a leader, a #foodie and hubby to one of my dearest friends.
BTW, I love the way Joshua and his wife support the hell out of each other as they both make huge positive waves in their careers. They are a definition of “power couple.” #relationshipsgoals

And…after our interview, Joshua received a huge promotion…he is now the Assistant DEAN.

It’s because he is a #rockstar #leader.

When I asked Joshua to tell me about his personal leadership brand he said:
I’m the type of leader who practices what he preaches because accountability is the best way to earn trust.”

As I spoke to him, I could feel this. He is a no B.S. type of guy who wants to see results! He encourages students to have a plan and to never shy away from fear. And, you’re going to love what he asks his students at the beginning of each class:

What’s a five letter word that will make you successful?

The word?

He says it’s rarely guessed.

Listen to the podcast for the answer and to see if you agree!

You’ll also want to hear what he has to say about being a generalist vs. a specialist… 

His advice to millennials who want to do #EpicShit is rock solid. In fact, his advice is great for ANYONE who is ready to live with more passion and impact.

Are you going to gift yourself 30-minutes to be interested in what he has to share?

It’s time to get interestED, folks!

Check it out: Millcoach Talks ~ JOSHUA MEREDITH and let me know about what you learned by being InterestED today.

Rock on,

aka the @millcoach