3 Things Horses Teach Leaders

For the past several years, I’ve been incorporating the wisdom of horses into all sorts of leadership development workshops. Over this time I’ve learned a lot about my own leadership brand and purpose. I’ve also worked with some amazing equine-guided rockstars who’ve inspired me. And I’ve seen incredible lessons offered by horses to people who have strong desires to step up their leadership games.

Horse-to-human...oh the lessons you can hear!

Horse-to-human…oh the lessons you can hear!

As I look ahead to spring, I’m beyond excited to continue my journey with horses and LIVING my passion for helping develop leaders who will do EPIC shit in this world!

The upcoming Leadership Through the Eyes of the Horse workshops that I’ll be facilitating with my business partner, Kami Guilder (in my beloved Arizona and beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado) are going to be powerful. As we plan for these events, my heart starts pumping harder, my mind reflects back to the people I’ve seen grow by listening to the lessons the horses offered and I grow impatient because I can’t wait for these events to get here! Why do I love this work so much? Because of these three lessons I consistently see the horses demonstrating:

1. Leaders must lead THEMSELVES effectively before they can be good leaders of others.

2.  Gut instincts matter.  Listen to them. Your heart will tell you way more than your brain. Leaders often forget this…

3.  Being curious is the key to new breakthroughs in business, in life…in everything.

Group activities with multiple horses and leaders can create lots of fun layers of learning.

Group activities with multiple horses and leaders can create lots of fun layers of learning.

Being able to help leaders have experiences that teach these lessons (among others) is a blessing. Today I ran across a few pictures of a workshop in AZ from 2011. Since these pics were snapped the people you see have seriously been ROCKING the leadership world. I’ve seen their influence grow, their confidence bloom and yes, even many of their bank accounts have expanded!

Lead me...with authenticity please.

Lead me…with authenticity please.

As you look at the pictures, be CURIOUS.  Ask “What lesson was this horse teaching?” Be curious about what you think the leader in the picture is feeling. Be curious about how horses might be able to help YOU step up your leadership game and have the courage to find out by registering for an upcoming workshop.

Have questions? Let me know: sarah@syzygy-co.com.

Are you ready to do YOUR EPIC shit?

Who are you leading?

Who are you leading?