Leadership Coach

Sarah J. Bohnenkamp ~ Millennial Leadership Coaching

Sarah inspires young, crazy-awesome, brilliant people to embrace their personal leadership brands and start leading rockstar lives grounded in purpose and contribution, TODAY!

-Are you frustrated that hiring managers pass you up for manager/leader roles because you’ve never had a formal “manager” job title/experience?

Are you ready to get hired anyway?

-Have you ever caught yourself thinking: I spent all this time in school, I’ve put in the time to really learn this job and I know I should be happy, but…this SUCKS! Why have I bought into the idea that I should be perfectly happy playing SMALL?

Your soul is telling you something…are you listening?

-Are you working in a job that’s ok…and that you’re quite good at…but deep down you know there’s gotta be more out there?

Are you ready to make a plan to stop going through the motions and change things?

-Is it time to fast-track your next leadership promotion?

Stop waiting and make it happen!

Sign up for your complimentary Power Millennial Strategy Session!
Email sarah@syzygy-co.com to secure your spot!

The Syzygy Millennial Leader Coaching Plan

Step 1-EPIC Leadership Discovery-Discover the essence of who you are as a leader (of yourself and as a leader of others). You will explore your strengths, values and passions – and gain clarity about your unique leadership brand.  Includes Syzygy 360 Strengths Profile.

Step 2-EPIC Leadership Exploration-Craft new leadership paradigms. Remove barriers and create new ways of thinking and being. Explore new possibilities for future leadership opportunities.

Step 3-Design an EPIC Leadership Path-“A dream without a plan is just a dream.” -Katherine Paterson.  Turn your personal and professional leadership dreams into reality by creating an EPIC leadership plan with provocative goals that will help you soar to new heights.

Step 4Sustain EPIC leadership. Explore what it will take to wake up each day with the fire in your soul to lead yourself and others in ways that will leave a lasting legacy.

Each unique coaching program with Sarah will push you to BE yourself, learn every day, break the rules when it makes sense, and to just go ahead and step up to lead!


Visit sarahjos.com for more information about coaching programs that will help you rock into your next chapter!



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