All the #EpicShit I Didn’t Do In 2016…


Some of the carefully crafted intentions I set for myself in 2016 didn’t happen.

I didn’t find the rocking country band that I really want to have in my life.
I didn’t add any new 14ers to my list.
I didn’t reach my business revenue growth goal (it was aggressive).
I didn’t have much personal horse time.
I didn’t spent two weeks in Hawaii.
I didn’t put as much attention on my closest relationships as I’d pictured.

I didn’t…
Oh how I could go on.


There was a LOT I didn’t do this year.


I still accomplished a shit ton in 2016.

A. SHIT. TON. (Did I mention how much I like saying “Shit ton”?  LOL!)

And, I’m going to focus my attention here. In this beautiful brightness.


Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

I want to notice what is WORKING for me so that I can do MORE of it.

I want to appreciate the ACTIONS I took to CRUSH, so I can light that shit UP in the coming year!

Yes, I subscribe to the simple strengths-based approach.

Screw obsessing about weaknesses.
You won’t find me SWATing anything over here.

You’ll find me SOAR(ing).
Assessing strengths. Opportunities. Aspirations. Results.

Well, at least on most days. 🙂
Some days it’s easy to drift your focus to all that’s broken or undone.
To get all dark and gloomy.
But, I’m working on having fewer and fewer of these days.

Accentuating the positive. That’s where I’m zeroed in.

I’m shocked and appalled at how many people this time of year get super sad when they look at their 2016 goals. The guilt and defeated hearts I see is so sad. Most people immediately gloss over the HUGE list of AMAZING things they DID.

It’s SO curious.

If I ask them what they DID WELL this year, they might start off with one or two things they saw as wins, but then it’s interesting to see how many people will then start talking about all the things they DIDN’T accomplish. They move from talking about awesomeness to crap quicker than quick. And they do it totally UNPROMPTED.

It’s almost like they can’t stop themselves from sharing their “Shit Not Accomplished” list…and backstory. Ahhhhh…the road blocks they’ve faced. The excuses, complicated stories, and dead dreams.

It’s like watching a gorgeous butterfly gliding through the air and then suddenly seeing it get smashed by a frying pan.

It’s really depressing.

It’s EASY to think about all the things that didn’t get done…(so that you can learn not to do it that way again, RIGHT?!)…but you CAN’T stay there.

>>>You have to catch yourself and then re-direct.

When you catch yourself rehashing what went wrong for the 16th time, think…yeah, but what went RIGHT?! 

Notice where your mind runs to…and redirect any time it’s on the path to crazy land.

Being dark and gloomy sucks.
Who cares about the #epichshit that didn’t get done in 2016?!

Let’s band together today and decide that it’s time to be brighter. Shinier.
Based more in love (for ourselves and others) and positivity. 

Ya, I know.
What I just wrote above sounds super cheesy. But…I don’t care.
There’s a lot of hate in the world already…let’s not hate on ourselves so much.
Let’s focus on the badassery that’s being shared with the world. Let’s focus on action. Let’s focus on…the majorly #EpicShit!

And…let’s get super SERIOUS about doing even MORE of it in the coming year.

What do you think? To pie in the sky?
I don’t think so.
Your mind is so powerful.
Use it wisely my friend.


Here are four things I’m insanely proud of for my 2016:

  1. Owning my SPEAKER status.
    I had my first official “Keynote” this year and it felt amazing. Although I’ve been speaking from big stages for my entire professional career (and even before that as a rodeo queen), being labeled as a Keynote Speaker was huge for me. Something clicked within my personal beliefs about my skills and abilities and I’ve started seeing myself as a speaker who can easily rock stages of all sizes…even arenas. And the thing that’s the sweetest about my experiences speaking this year? For the first time I was speaking from a stage and totally sharing MY message vs. a corporate or industry message, and it was powerful. I AM a powerful speaker. And I can’t wait to do more of it in 2017.
  2. Getting better and better at my momma-lady boss hustle.
    I went from an experience of taking my kids to daycare 5-days a week to one or two days a week over the past year and a half and it’s been hard as hell…and exactly what I wanted…and I’ve made huge strides in how I’m hustling for my business and taking care of kids, house, etc. I hired a housekeeper, got better at leveraging my work schedule around the natural flows of energy the kids have throughout the day, plus I got really good at mastering the naptime hustle. But, the most important thing I did was to get into a better routine of waking up at 5AM on some mornings to do yoga, journal and/or get a jump start on my work projects. This extra two hours in my day made SUCH an amazing difference for me. Self care is huge. I’ll be doing it more in 2017.
  3. Saying YES to Travel & Adventure.
    I love experiencing new adventures and people, especially when I can do it along with doing work that I really love. I ate the most amazing burnt ends in Kansas City. I saw the famous NYC Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center and walked through Central Park in fall (and met the amazing Grant Cardone in Times Square). I toured a killer western movie set on a working cattle ranch in Banff, where I also saw the most amazing part of the Rockies I’ve ever laid eyes. I got to see three different parts of beautiful Montana (but still didn’t run into John Mayer, although I did see a mermaid). I had the opportunity to influence the conversation around antimicrobial resistance in DC between animal and human health. I watched the longhorns plod down the streets of Fort Worth. I saw my friend win another UFC fight in Vegas. We took road trips to Idaho, Nebraska and Texas with both kids and survived! And MUCH more, including a last-minute trip to Cabo with friends last week.
  4. My tribe has my back.
    I saw this in SO many ways this year, but one of the most prevalent ways was when I had unexpected surgery to remove a 10 cm malignant tumor from my belly (along with my fallopian tubes and my right ovary). Hello…where had THAT thing been hiding!? LOL. Anywho…this experience gave me the opportunity to remember the importance of asking for/accepting help when you need it and the opportunity to see how many people have my back. The sweet texts, Facebook messages, calls, cards, emails, gifts, etc. that my tribe gave me were tremendous. I felt mad love surrounding me and it was amazing. I love the people in my life.

I’d love to hear what you’re in love with about your 2016!
Comment below or shoot me a message on Facebook

And remember…If you’re crushing all of your goals each year, I think you’re playing too small. Set bigger goals. Move into the eye of fear a little more. Stretch your magic. That’s where the truly #epicshit happens!

Cheers to all the #EpicShit that everyone accomplished in 2016!








I Created a NEW Podcast!

I love that in my work, I get to share powerful stories.

Stories are one of the most ancient ways of learning.

The very best leaders LOVE hearing the stories of others.

The very best leaders practice being interestED vs. interesting (love this concept by Keith Ferrazzi in Never Eat Alone). In doing so they learn, show compassion, identify opportunities to serve, and MUCH more.

So, when was the last time you were really interestED? I mean REALLY interested?

You have an opportunity to get that way, right now…

A few weeks ago I had the “a-ha” that I need to do MORE to share stories of leadership through the eyes of the ROCKSTARS I know. My friends, clients and colleges are doing tremendous things and since I know so many amazing people who are truly changing the world, I want to help elevate their stories and in turn I hope it elevates YOU!

As I thought about what “MORE” story sharing looked like for me, the vision for my new podcast was born.

I love writing, but it often takes me a long time to get content written. So, I figured I could use my gift of gab, record awesome interviews and upload them for my loving, interestED tribe.

My vision is FINALLY ready to share, so when you have 30 minutes, Give my new podcast a listen, leader!

Here’s why you should invest your time in my first episode:

Who’s featured: Joshua Meredith


He’s a #millennial lawyer who teaches Master’s students about Ethics in the Workplace at Georgetown University.

Meredith is a leader, a #foodie and hubby to one of my dearest friends.
BTW, I love the way Joshua and his wife support the hell out of each other as they both make huge positive waves in their careers. They are a definition of “power couple.” #relationshipsgoals

And…after our interview, Joshua received a huge promotion…he is now the Assistant DEAN.

It’s because he is a #rockstar #leader.

When I asked Joshua to tell me about his personal leadership brand he said:
I’m the type of leader who practices what he preaches because accountability is the best way to earn trust.”

As I spoke to him, I could feel this. He is a no B.S. type of guy who wants to see results! He encourages students to have a plan and to never shy away from fear. And, you’re going to love what he asks his students at the beginning of each class:

What’s a five letter word that will make you successful?

The word?

He says it’s rarely guessed.

Listen to the podcast for the answer and to see if you agree!

You’ll also want to hear what he has to say about being a generalist vs. a specialist… 

His advice to millennials who want to do #EpicShit is rock solid. In fact, his advice is great for ANYONE who is ready to live with more passion and impact.

Are you going to gift yourself 30-minutes to be interested in what he has to share?

It’s time to get interestED, folks!

Check it out: Millcoach Talks ~ JOSHUA MEREDITH and let me know about what you learned by being InterestED today.

Rock on,

aka the @millcoach

My Own Personal Brand of AWESOME

Idea. Idea. Create. Create. Loiter, write, tweet, post. Breathe deep. Trust.

Overwhelmed. At peace. Crazy. Calm. Heart pumping. Heart hurting.


Excitement. Adventure. Status update. Soulful. Bitch. Worrier. Angry. Fly off the handle. Slow down. Inspired. Idea. Idea. Create. Create. Snap.


Speak. Tweet. Hustle. Coach. Move with velocity. Move like a snail. Status update. Freak out.


Rockstar status. Crying baby. Laughing baby. Best baby. Birthdays. Tweet. Clean, cook, clean. Shop. Periscope. Clean. Smile. 


Drive. Hike, hike, hike a 14er. Feel old. Feel young. Accomplishment. Screaming baby. Tweet. Beautify baby. Laundry. Tears. Coffee. Laugh. Stretch. Lead. Create. Coach. Calculate. Worry. Push on.

Heal. Idea. Create. Love. Idea. Create. Love. Lead on.


Yup. My life over the past few months has been a tad bit INSANE.

I went from working like crazy for someone else to working like crazy for myself. MYSELF.

…without a fully baked business plan (but Sir Richard Branson says that’s ok, so I’m justified, right?).

I am my own boss. Wahooooooooo!

I am my own boss…oh, Fuck!

This is crazy. This is awesome. This is terrifying. This is ME!

I’m pretty sure my Husker Lovin Hubby is near the end of his rope and thinks I’ve officially lost it. He wonders when I’m going to give up and get a “real job” again. A job with a consistent paycheck. He wants to know why the house isn’t cleaner (since I’m home all day of course). He wants to know what I do all day (because taking care of two kids and working on my computer is NOT work, right?!). He wants to know if I’m happy living on a dream and a prayer. He wants to know if it will all be ok.

God love him.

I love him.

And I’m glad he loves me. (If you’re reading this babe, please just hang with me. I’ve got this!)

Now, I’m going to get real…

I am happy living on a dream and a prayer, but at times over the past few months, I’ve wanted to give up and just start applying for jobs. To take the road most traveled…

Why should I be one of the “lucky ones” who gets to live their dreams? Just get a job Sarah! Do the safe thing.

At times I’ve felt like an imposter.

Who am I to be a leadership coach? What the hell do I really know?

At times I’ve wanted to take a nap instead of hustle.

I’m tired. I’ve been working like crazy for a looooong time. I’ve got two toddlers. It can wait until tomorrow, right? 

At times I’ve pissed off my family. I’m being selfish to spend most of my energy on making #EpicShit happen.

But, although all these things pop up, I won’t give up. 

I’m not an imposter. I will continue to hustle. Why?

This is what I was BORN to do.RockstarBelieving

I was born to be a leader who helps people see their own unique brands of AWESOME. I was born to encourage young, amazing leaders to focus in on their #EpicShit and then hold them accountable for making strides to actually make that shit happen, NOW.

I was born to be a CQA: Chief question asker. I was born to be an ass-kicker and NO bull shitter. I was born to be a professional cheerleader. I was born to help people bring more LOVE and Leadership into this world. I was born to rock #EpicShit.

I was born to lead.

I’ve never felt more ON FIRE.

I WILL do this because I CAN do this. I am on purpose. I love this.

But, language is language.

It’s easy to say I’m going to do this.

But, if I’m going to continue doing this thing. I mean REALLY do this thing, I’ve gotta lean into what I AM. Even when my brain screams at me all of the things I’m NOT.  I’m not a great housekeeper, I’m not an expert at managing my time with work, kids, husband, time for me, time for fun, etc.—I constantly think I’m going to get more accomplished than I actually do. I’m not…


Instead of listening to the inner critic and all the things I’m NOT, I’ve gotta lean into what makes me, ME and MOVE forward! Every damn day. 


MOVE. Forward.

Even if it’s not perfect. Even if I’m not perfect.

This is what has been bringing me new clients, a new herd of amazing rockstar leaders who joined my #EpicShit 21-day challenge, new social media contracts and new opportunities to ROCK leadership workshops for ag organizations who know the importance of building leaders from the inside-out. That’s right. Being ME. Moving forward. Hustling.

Plus, I’ve got to be really clear on my goals (that until now I hadn’t formally written. Yeah, having them in your head is ok, but it’s been proven time and again that people with written goals ROCK out far harder than those who don’t…plus they make more money $$$. I’ve been a total hypocrite because I coach people all the time to write their goals all-the-time. So yup, I was NOT practicing what I preach. But…today’s a new day and I’m focusing on what I can do to BE ME).

So, here it goes. I’m making a public declaration. I will:

1. Have a minimum of eight active, private coaching clients each month (starting no later than November) and at least 50 rockstars enrolled in each free online offer that I create.

2. Take the kids on fun adventures in nature at least once a week (even in the winter). 

3. Practice yoga at least two times per week. 

4. Pay off my credit card debt by July 2016. 

5. Make a million dollars within the next three years. (that’s right…I wrote this).

6. Speak at a minimum of six conferences by July 2016. 

7. Start writing my first book before the end of 2015.

8. Have official date-nights with Husker Lovin Hubby at least twice a month.

9. Act in alignment with the truth that I CAN and WILL achieve everything I dream of.

These goals are not totally SMART…yet. And I’m sure they can be stated with much more Vim, Vip and Vigor. But that will come. This is a place to work from. They are written. I can have all that I want. I am worth it. The universe is listening.

Wow, this feels pretty good.

Hey….did you know…you’re also worth it! Right?!?

Do you have YOUR goals written down? Have you looked at them recently? How’s it shakin? Have you shared them with those who matter most?

Need some help? I’d love to be your CQA and professional ass-kicker. Let’s launch your #EpicShit. You can join my #AwesomeAugust club for virtual coaching along with a herd of amazing young leaders (starts next Monday-8/3), or I have a few spots open now in my personal coaching program.

Your #EpicShit is waiting to be unleashed too, so let’s rock!


3 Things Horses Teach Leaders

For the past several years, I’ve been incorporating the wisdom of horses into all sorts of leadership development workshops. Over this time I’ve learned a lot about my own leadership brand and purpose. I’ve also worked with some amazing equine-guided rockstars who’ve inspired me. And I’ve seen incredible lessons offered by horses to people who have strong desires to step up their leadership games.

Horse-to-human...oh the lessons you can hear!

Horse-to-human…oh the lessons you can hear!

As I look ahead to spring, I’m beyond excited to continue my journey with horses and LIVING my passion for helping develop leaders who will do EPIC shit in this world!

The upcoming Leadership Through the Eyes of the Horse workshops that I’ll be facilitating with my business partner, Kami Guilder (in my beloved Arizona and beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado) are going to be powerful. As we plan for these events, my heart starts pumping harder, my mind reflects back to the people I’ve seen grow by listening to the lessons the horses offered and I grow impatient because I can’t wait for these events to get here! Why do I love this work so much? Because of these three lessons I consistently see the horses demonstrating:

1. Leaders must lead THEMSELVES effectively before they can be good leaders of others.

2.  Gut instincts matter.  Listen to them. Your heart will tell you way more than your brain. Leaders often forget this…

3.  Being curious is the key to new breakthroughs in business, in life…in everything.

Group activities with multiple horses and leaders can create lots of fun layers of learning.

Group activities with multiple horses and leaders can create lots of fun layers of learning.

Being able to help leaders have experiences that teach these lessons (among others) is a blessing. Today I ran across a few pictures of a workshop in AZ from 2011. Since these pics were snapped the people you see have seriously been ROCKING the leadership world. I’ve seen their influence grow, their confidence bloom and yes, even many of their bank accounts have expanded!

Lead me...with authenticity please.

Lead me…with authenticity please.

As you look at the pictures, be CURIOUS.  Ask “What lesson was this horse teaching?” Be curious about what you think the leader in the picture is feeling. Be curious about how horses might be able to help YOU step up your leadership game and have the courage to find out by registering for an upcoming workshop.

Have questions? Let me know:

Are you ready to do YOUR EPIC shit?

Who are you leading?

Who are you leading?