Gratitude ~ 100 Things

I was challenged by a friend to come up with a gratitude list…with 100 entries. 100 things! Dang! I wasn’t sure how it would flow from me, but I was relieved about how EASY it really was…and I was shocked about how good it felt as I wrote.

I journal regularly about things I’m grateful for, but never a list this long. So fun!

How about you? Do you keep a gratitude list or journal page(s)? How often do you write about the things for which you have immense appreciation? Something to ponder as you kick off a new year…

My “100 Things” Gratitude list:

  1. My beautiful children. I mean, every parent knows their kids are the best thing. Ever. And MINE are totally the best and most beautiful.  14322326_10210917652485938_7999726580524628323_n
  2. The way my Husker Lovin Hubby can make me laugh.
  3. My intuition. It’s so damn smart.
  4. Horses. I love them so much. They saved my life as a child. This I know without a doubt. Oh…their beauty. Wisdom. Grace.
  5. Music. It feeds my soul. This year I especially loved Beyonce’s Lemonade, Chris Stapleton, Eric Church (how sexy is Wrecking Ball?), Lady Gaga’s Joanne (so many great tracks including Joanne, Million Reasons, John Wayne and Hey Girl), and new to me guys like Sturgill Simpson (how can I not love him? He sings a song about me~ Oh Sarah!)
  6. My amazing coaching clients. It feels amazing to love the people you work with so much. I pinch myself sometimes because they rock so hard.
  7. Feeling warm sun on my face.
  8. Books. I love reading so much! 2016 was a good reading year for me and I loved The Alchemist and Playing Big, among others.
  9. Visiting Banff and getting a Canadian Passport stamp. Holy freaking beautiful, batman. I WILL go back to this magical place.
  10. Coffee…and chocolate donuts. They don’t have to be served together, but it’s magic when they are.
  11. Taking the opportunity to go to Boise over Memorial Day to be with my dad and step-mom Mary when he was really sick and diagnosed with Cancer (Multiple Myeloma). I was happy that I could take a few days to just BE there.
  12. Visiting Cabo for a last-minute trip, right before Christmas. My heart needed some ocean time and the universe delivered.
  13. Traveling to NYC. Central Park in fall with my man, girlfriend time with one of my faves, seeing the famous 30 Rock Christmas tree, gazing at the Super Moon over the Hudson, and so much more. I love NYC.
  14. Meeting Grant and Elena Cardone in Times Square. I was a total fan girl. 10X baby! Be Obsessed or Be Average (BOBA)! Sell or be sold (SOBS)! Whatever it takes (WIT).
  15. Old friends who know you at your core. Cayce Myers you are such a badass and I love that we remain friends after all the years and crazy shit that’s gone down in our lives. You inspire me…so much.
  16. My creativity. 2016 was the year I claimed the fact that I’m an artist. I love using my imagination and creating ideas into tangible, beautiful things that bring more love and leadership into the world.
  17. My badass strategic partner and BFF Kami Guildner. I love you, wise, spirit woman.
  18. Cowboy Boots and flip-flops. I love them. So much.
  19. Our neighbors the Robertsons. I’m so glad you moved from Kansas to Colorado and picked a house only one door away from my family. From Tri-Tip grill-offs to drinks over hilarious card games, thanks for your friendship.
  20. Being selected for a TedX audition. Although I didn’t get to stand on the TedX stage (yet), this was a killer learning opportunity and I’m happy with how I showed up, the message I crafted and the fact that I even applied. Hell yes I was one of 80 picked from nearly 800 applications. 
  21. Push up bras. Because…why not?
  22. D’arcy Rogers. She’s been my “go to” woman for my children since Miss B. was 6-weeks old, and it makes my heart so happy to know that I have someone I can trust so much and who loves my kids with all her heart. It takes a village to raise kids…and I’m blessed D’arcy is in mine.
  23. Steak and Sushi. But not together.
  24. Technology like wifi and my iPhone and MacBook. Being able to change the world with the help of these staples in my life = amazing. FaceTime, Maps, Google at my fingertips, etc… SO LUCKY!  (and yes, new Rose gold MAC…you are in my 2017 plan)
  25. Old friends that you’ve know since you were like 11 years old: Amanda Kent. My sister from another mister. Horses. Crazy family fun. Rodeo queen hair, and so much more. So glad you’re still by my side.
  26. Whiskey.
  27. Social Media. I’m especially in love with Snapchat these days. SoMe helps me build my business, connect with people I adore and I learn a shit ton while surfing.
  28. Rockstar Al Dunning. I haven’t been able to ride/cut with him over the past few years like I used to (maybe only two times a year)…but each time I get to ride at his place in Arizona, I feel like one of the luckiest girls. He’s a western legend and spending any time I can in the saddle next to him is pure GOLD.
  29. My health. My body amazes me.
  30. My house. It’s cozy and my family feels safe here.
  31. Kai Ashley. She’s an amazing coach from the UK and although I’ve only worked with her a few times, but she’s freaking POWERFUL. She’s a block buster and her energy is changing the world.
  32. National Institute for Animal Agriculture. I love working with this organization on #epicshit like the Antibiotics Symposium. The people are top notch and I’m thankful they trust my wild ideas.
  33. Airplanes with power outlets in the seats.
  34. Canva. I love this FREE online tool that helps me to create great visual content.
  35. Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. I love working on GLOBAL issues and feeling like I’m helping to make a difference to indirectly #Feedthe9.
  36. I’m grateful for the beautiful art on my body. 
  37. Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo-Rodeo has been a huge part of my life for a long time, and reconnecting to it over the past few years via #PPOBR has been amazing. I love executing social media strategies for a rodeo who supports the local military and western way of life. Plus, the view at the arena is priceless.
  38. Montana Stockgrowers Association-For trusting me to coach your up and coming leaders.
  39. Montana FFA Foundation-grateful they allowed me to keynote their John Deere Ag Expo this fall! What a cool experience…and my biggest audience ever!
  40. Candles & Fire. The energy, the mood, the smell, all of it. 
  41. Hummingbirds. They remind me to be joyful and happy!
  42. My Izzy. She’s the best old lady Chihuahua in the world!
  43. Water. I love that I can have clean, drinkable water at any time. I also love the way being next to water in nature makes me feel (Rivers, steams, creaks, ocean, fountains, waterfalls, etc.). Flow, baby. Flow.
  44. Outlook. I’m grateful that it helps me to keep my crazy-schedule and important messages coordinated, and I love that it syncs to my iPhone.
  45. Jewelry from my late grandmas. It helps me to feel connected to their wisdom and love when I wear these pieces, which includes an amazing class ring from my Grandma Donna (we went to the same High School-Pocatello High and it fits me like it was made for me), and an amazing silver beaded bracelet (with turquoise colors that I LOVE) from my Grandma Rita who passed in 2016.
  46. Farmers and Ranchers. Because I like to eat safe, wholesome, nutritious food.
  47. Leather. The smell. The saddles. The bridles. The purses. The boots. Oh yeahhhhhh.
  48. The ability to hike, within a few short minutes of where I live.
  49. The fact that I was born with free will.
  50. The fact that I was given a WILD imagination.
  51. My mom who loves me unconditionally.
  52. Friends who are like family: The entire Delbridge family. Without your support, I would not be the woman I am today and I’m forever grateful for everything you’ve done for me and the love you continue to share. Wolfe, Darlene, Roxie, Leslie…best people ever.
  53. Mother nature. I love her and all that she provides for the world.
  54. Freedom of speech. I can say whatever I want to say, whenever I want to say it and I’m thankful for all who came before me and who fought for this right.
  55. The fact that lots of people love my wahoooooooo energy.
  56. In-laws who love my children and who are willing to take them for a few days in a row to allow us to travel and do #EpicShit sans kids. I’m grateful that my kids LOVE spending time with them.
  57. Natural hot springs. 
  58. The thoughtfulness of my friends. Over the past year I received several, unexpected gifts in the mail throughout the year and it felt amazing to be shown love through simple things like a “HUSTLE” phone case and an I Do #EpicShit necklace were PERFECT matches for my life this year :-).
  59. The fact that I’m a night owl and can crank out great content after the kids go to sleep.
  60. People who SMILE back at me at airports.
  61. Breath.
  62. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. When I was introduced to this content when I worked at Arizona Federal Credit Union, my life changed in so many ways. Principles of effectiveness don’t change. This content will be GOLD for ages.
  63. The wonderful women who have blazed epic trails before me and who have gifted me with the right to vote and be a badass in any field I choose.
  64. The fact that Idaho Central Credit Union hired me many moons ago, fresh out of college to create a Training department, even through I wasn’t an expert in the world of training. They walked the talk of Hiring the Smile and Training the Skill. The investment they made in me is priceless to who I am now and I’ll forever be grateful.
  65. The fact that the American National CattleWomen, Inc. hired me when I moved to Denver…even though I wasn’t raised in the beef world and had no experience .
  66. The fact that I’m a quick study (in most areas). I LOVE to learn.
  67. Stand up guys like Kent Fonda. When I was the Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo queen, way back when…he saw something special in me and worked to put me in the pipeline to become the next Coors or Colt Cowgirl. Although that didn’t happen, the fact that he thought I COULD made me open my eyes to bigger opportunities…outside of my hometown. Plus…I got to do some cool things along the way like sit in the Coors suite at the NFR and shoot pearl-handled 45s at the Las Vegas Gun Club.
  68. My x-step mom, Brenda. She’s one of the strongest and has always loved on me. I’m so thankful for the big love she shares with me.
  69. The fact that I am my own boss. BOOM!
  70. My housekeeper.
  71. Concerts at Red Rocks. Well, any concert/live music really. Those at Red Rocks are just extra special. Hats off to Drake in 2016. I wasn’t really a huge fan, but I saw your show (at the Pepsi Center) and was totally impressed…and a little turned on if I do say so.
  72. Road trips. They aren’t terrible like some people say. I love seeing parts of our amazing country through the windshield of my car. 2016 brought trips to Dallas, Pocatello, Nebraska, the Colorado Mountains…I love that four wheels can take me and my beautiful little family on amazing adventures.
  73. Doctors and health care providers who are really freaking smart and skilled. I didn’t expect to have tumor removed this year, but I felt totally cared for, by bright people.
  74. Health Insurance.
  75. Excel. I love you. I hate math.
  76. My summer trip to Chicago and the time with the amazing Jessica Wilkerson on the river with cocktails. And the NLAP leadership workshop I got to teach while I was there…it ROCKED.
  77. The experience I had working with mustangs for the first time at the 2016 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo for a leadership workshop. It was magical to me.
  78. Los Dos Molinos in Mesa. Their Green Chicken Chile Casserole with a friend egg is heavenly.
  79. The fact that I listened to my intuition and stepped up to coach entrepreneurs in 2016, even though I was a new one myself. I’ve found that I LOVE coaching entrepreneurs.
  80. The fact that people call me Social Sarah. I think it’s cute. I am social. It’s a strength.
  81. Arizona in Spring. I love the smell, the sites, the people, the food, the feel. Everything. Ok. I love AZ any time of year…even when it’s 117.
  82. The ability to travel to support our friends who do cool shit, like winning tons of UFC fights.
  83. Guys who make love to guitars, like John Mayer.
  84. Sage. I love burning it.
  85. Liquid eye liner, eye brow pencils and killer lipstick. They really help to make this girl feel like a bombshell.
  86. Leggings and yoga pants. Enough. Said.
  87. Southwest airlines. They are nice, my bags fly for free, I can make changes to my plans for FREE, plus they give me free drinks!
  88. Taylor at Wisp Salon. She is adorable and makes my hair look fab.
  89. Candace Weeda. From client to BFF…she’s a girl who knows exactly what to say and how to say it and her sweet spirit lifts me up on the regular. LOVE her!
  90. My AZ family. Kenzie, Blake, Debbie, Monique, Alan, Carlos, Dane, Cheryl and everyone else who continues to love on me, even when distance is great.
  91. Fresh flowers on my kitchen table. I work from home a lot and I love how something as simple as a few fresh flowers can make my enviornment feel so much better as I click, click, click on my keyboard.
  92. Friends like Damion who challenge you to up-level and who introduce you to other badasses because they know you can’t do #EpicShit with basic people.
  93. Miss B’s preschool teacher team. She LOVES going to school and they play a HUGE part in this.
  94. Head phones. 
  95. Heated seats in my car. Oh the simple pleasures of having a warm tush.
  96. People who cut right to the chase. Ain’t nobody got time to pussy foot around things, you know? 🙂
  97. My journal. Writing crystalizes thought. Crystalized though breeds action.
  98. Triscuits and Sharp Cheddar cheese. One of my fave snacks.
  99. Life experience thus far that has helped to create an unwavering internal belief that I can do ANYTHING that I deeply desire.
  100. Love & Leadership. In all forms.

~~~~Thanks for taking a moment to read my list. I’d love to see YOURS!


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