2015…What a TRIP! A Top Ten List:

So it’s the end of the year (almost) and I feel like I want to do a look back on 2015. It was a year of change and vulnerability for me. HUGE shifts took place. It really was a year to remember.

Here’s a look at my top ten experiences in 2015…and their associated hashtags, because I love social media and why not?

  1. 2015 is the last year we’ll have a “baby” of our own in the house at Christmas. (Thanks for pointing that one out Husker Loving Hubby.) I’ll start sobbing now, thank you very much. My baby days are soon to be over. Cashie boy is 18 months…and he loves to poke you right in the eye when you’re not looking (while saying “EYE!” with great enthusiasm). Miss B is 3.5, going on 30, and wants a Barbie Dream House for Christmas. Each time the commercial for that damn house comes on she squeals with delight and confirms to me that the house is HERS. Sigh.I didn’t want a Barbie Dream House until I was in elementary school. Damn those kids to grow up so fast.  #gonebabygone


    Cashie is ALL boy.

  2. I took a leap of faith and started working full-time for myself this year. Holy F@*#!  Can you say AWESOME?! Can you say SCARY?! But the coolest part…I’m proving that people want what I’m bringing! I’m doing everything on MY terms. I’m making a difference for my clients. Hello…I AM Sarah, aka The Mill Coach. Nice to officially meet you. #ladyboss #millcoach
  3. I can finally say that I’ve climbed a Colorado 14er. Actually, two of them: Grays and Torreys peaks.  14,000+ feet kicked my ass and the payoff was MASSIVE. Plans for the next 14er adventure are already in progress. #climbthemall #ColoRADo


    At the top of the world.

  4. I’m no longer a closet hippie. I’ve always had moments of hippie, but now it’s clear that I’m a nature loving, yoga loving, love loving, spiritual woman. Does this make me a “hippie?” According to my husband, yes. LOL!I don’t know what to call it. But whatever it is…I am FEELing it. I LOVE learning about what animals can teach us (esp. with HORSES = AMAZING…bringing my passion of leadership together with my passion for horses is SO cool), nature’s university (example: I get really cool ideas when I journal near running water like rivers and creeks…who would’ve thought?), ancient wisdom like Native American Medicine Wheels, plant medicine (including essential oils) and more! It’s newer territory for me in many respects, but it speaks to me in ways that I can’t explain!I’ve worried that people would reject this part of who I am, if I showed it.

    And for a long time I pushed it down. That’s not what executives think about! Right?!

    But today, I think it’s an important part of my message. I finally have courage to accept it and honor it. I’m owning who I am. Thousands of years of wisdom can be tapped into if you are OPEN to the possibilities. Curiosity is leading me. Do YOU follow your curiosity of Spirit?  

    I think it today’s highly scientific, process-driven, technical world…we can ALL be well-served to slow down and learn from our inner wisdom and the natural wisdom around us. It helps us move away from THINKing so damn much and allows us to open up more space for FEELing and listening to the world around us.

    I LOVE that I can rock a boardroom AND a round pen. AND I’M REALLY excited about the possibilities of how I can influence the corporate world with a little common sense—-natural sense. It’s the magic that’s needed. I’m convinced.

    (And I have to say thanks to my aunt Debbie for being the first hippie influence in my life. She showed me that it’s ok to dance to the beat of your own drum. There is beauty all around, if we choose to look for it.) #beingme #lovenature


    This guy knew what was up.

  5. I now work at home…with toddlers, for three-four days a week and I work very differently than I did in my past life. Dramatically different.I am WAY more effective with my time management because I MUST be if I really want to get things accomplished. Nap time, watch out! I crank it out. After 8 PM when kids are in bed…that’s MY time to work, most nights. That hour after breakfast when the kids generally get wrapped up in self-guided play…awesome time to crush email and social media tasks!I didn’t know what to expect with shifting from working in an office for years, and boy howdy have I gotten an education! I have MAD respect for work-at-home mommas.

    I often hate it and love it, all at the same time.

    I LOVE being with my kids more. I really do. Spending time like this is a GIFT. I’m going to blink and they’ll be graduating high school. YET, I struggle with the fact that sometimes I’d rather being working than playing with blocks or Barbie. I LOVE TO WORK + I LOVE TO BE A MOMMA. It’s a dance. 

    So…my mantra on the tough days is this: What is it that I need to learn from my kids today that will serve me well in my business tomorrow?

    When I actually take the time to ask myself this question, the wisdom that comes up for me is MASSIVE.

    I need only listen.  I need only look with a kinder, more learner-focused eye. 

    The other day I was getting ready to film a video for an #EpicShit challenge and Miss B. told me that I needed to talk to my clients about Butterflies. That wasn’t at all what I had been planning for the challenge…but I listened to her. The day’s challenge ended up being about the transformation process. I challenged people to consider what skin they needed to shed to make room for the transformation into the person they truly want to be. I think it was powerful for everyone who did the work. I LOVE that I listened.

    Cashie Boy will often come up and give me a kiss on the leg out of the blue when I’m working on my laptop. His little smile beaming up at me melts my heart and reminds me to give myself a little grace and trust that all is absolutely perfect as it is. I am living a dream that so many wish for. I’ve got to LEAD with LOVE in all aspects of my life.  #mommaboss #balance

  6. I had my 20 year high school class reunion this summer.
    What?! 20 years? Pocatello High School class of 1995. How did that happen? I didn’t think it would come up so fast.

    The number one question people asked me:  Are you still a horse girl?

    It was fun to say “Yes!”

    One of my favorite memories of high school is my time spent in the Experienced Based Career Education program (EBCE). Students get to try on different jobs and learn skills that will set them up for success in the world of ADULTING. I interned with the county prosecutor’s office, my large animal vet, and my dental hygienist. I learned that all three of those jobs were NOT for me. Thank god. I also wrote a paper in EBCE about my vision for the future. I vividly remember writing that I refused to live a mediocre life. This still resonates at a soul level for me today.

    Although hubby wasn’t impressed with the Taco Spaghetti from the Ross Park Drive Inn, or the beauty of Sun Valley where we spent a few days after the reunion, this was the first time in a long time that coming back home felt reallllllllly good and I loved having my family there with me. It’s good to reflect on your roots. #PokyPride #MediocritySucks 


    Hiking down Baldy in Sun Valley, Idaho with my Miss B. 

  7. My Grandma Borowy died. My dad’s mom has been one of the most important people in my life. She took care of me on weekends when I was a kid. She loved me so much. She taught me to love reading. She held me to a high standard. She took me on vacations to see places like Mount Rushmore and Glacier National Park. She shared her love of birds with me (and now I love them too and always look for the messages they might be sending my way…especially blue birds, bald eagles, black birds and hummingbirds).She loved/lived to serve. She was faithful.I got to say goodbye to her the day before she died. It happened when I went home to Idaho for my class reunion. The first stop we made when we pulled into town was to see her. She was in terrible shape. I couldn’t believe how small she was. She was a shell of the woman I remembered.

    I held her hand and told her that it was OK to go. I told her that I needed her up in heaven to watch over me and my babies.

    And she listened…

    The next morning I got a phone call that she had passed.

    My heart sank, but so happy that she was no longer in pain. That afternoon when we got to our hotel there were at least 30 black birds sitting on the roof. They were squawking so loud that I could hear them in my room. I think Grandma Donna had something to do with it.

    I now get to sport her gold Class of 1937 ring. She also went to Pocatello High School. It fits my ring finger on my right hand perfectly. I mean, like it was made for me. I love wearing into it. It’s a reminder to tap into the wisdom of my elders.

    She was 94 years old when she passed. I miss her, but I know she’s still around and that I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without her love and support. #angel #elderwisdom


    Grandma Donna = one the best ladies I’ve ever known.

  8. More than 120 people have been a part of the two, FREE 21-day #EpicShit Challenges I’ve launched.I love working with people who SEE possibility. I love challenging others to serve themselves and others via their talents, gifts, passions. To LOVE. To be curious. To BE true to their gifts. Oh yeah! I want everyone who believes they can do #EpicShit to actually DO IT! I’m humbled that so many people would join me on a journey to AWESOMENESS. It’s all about the #EpicShit, baby! #dothework #becauseyoucan 
  9. I’m blessed with several amazing partnerships. My Personal Board of Directors and clients are EPIC. I’m better because of those who share their magic mojo with me. Kami Guildner has continued to be a rockstar coach and strategic business partner. She is a model of continuous improvement and stepping boldly into your dreams. BTW…her amazing book will be coming out soon and you’ll need to read it. The work we get to do together flows easily and is energizing. She’s quiet a woman and I’m so lucky to have her in my life. #gamechangerThis year I’ve also been blessed to work with several agriculture organizations who believe in developing a strong pipeline of unique leaders. The leaders I work with in this industry are super connected to their “why” of doing business and it’s a constant reminder for me to focus on the reason I do what I do…every day. #agproud

    Partnerships at home also stand out right now. My dad recently visited with my stepmom and they offered the assessment that Chris and I make a good team with the kids. It was heartwarming to hear. It’s easy to focus on all that we DON’T do well, instead of leaning into what you DO well. It was a good reminder to focus on the good. We really do make a great parenting team. I’m proud of that.

    I’m stronger when I’ve got a network of people around me that hold me accountable, challenge me to be better, and that love my energy. It’s so nice just to be me and to be totally accepted. Thank you to EVERYONE who has held me up in 2015. #deepbow

    We all make each other better. #synergy #abundance


    #selfie time! This was Kami and I before her big Extraordinary Women IGNITE event last month. #WomenIgnite

And…the final a-aha…#10:

I believe more than ever before that I WILL BECAUSE I CAN. 2016 is going to rock. I am stronger than ever. I am leaning into fear. I am learning like crazy. The crazy ones who think they can change the world are the ones who do! Right?! (Steve Jobs is shaking his head yes).

Watch out world…

If you’re reading this blog, I want you to consider your top ten for 2015. How did you show up? When were you at your best? Who was around you? What rocked your world? What shocked you the most about yourself?

Grab your journal and play with the question “What really rocked for me in 2015?”

Capture these bright spots in your life. Inhale them. Savor the quality of the feelings that go along with each of these moments.

And know, that you can have these feelings again…ANYTIME you chose. You need only call upon them.

Then turn your attention to 2016! What are the top ten moments you HOPE to experience? Write them down as well. Get your intentions out there…


And then head over to sarahjos.com if you’d like to start your January with BANG! I’ll be hosting another #EpicShit challenge. It’s free. It’s 15-minutes a day. It’s designed to get you moving into a BIGGER dream. Come and play!

Let’s DREAM BIG together! 


Al Dunning is one of my favorite coaches. Here’s to working with amazing mentors in 2016!


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