My Own Personal Brand of AWESOME

Idea. Idea. Create. Create. Loiter, write, tweet, post. Breathe deep. Trust.

Overwhelmed. At peace. Crazy. Calm. Heart pumping. Heart hurting.


Excitement. Adventure. Status update. Soulful. Bitch. Worrier. Angry. Fly off the handle. Slow down. Inspired. Idea. Idea. Create. Create. Snap.


Speak. Tweet. Hustle. Coach. Move with velocity. Move like a snail. Status update. Freak out.


Rockstar status. Crying baby. Laughing baby. Best baby. Birthdays. Tweet. Clean, cook, clean. Shop. Periscope. Clean. Smile. 


Drive. Hike, hike, hike a 14er. Feel old. Feel young. Accomplishment. Screaming baby. Tweet. Beautify baby. Laundry. Tears. Coffee. Laugh. Stretch. Lead. Create. Coach. Calculate. Worry. Push on.

Heal. Idea. Create. Love. Idea. Create. Love. Lead on.


Yup. My life over the past few months has been a tad bit INSANE.

I went from working like crazy for someone else to working like crazy for myself. MYSELF.

…without a fully baked business plan (but Sir Richard Branson says that’s ok, so I’m justified, right?).

I am my own boss. Wahooooooooo!

I am my own boss…oh, Fuck!

This is crazy. This is awesome. This is terrifying. This is ME!

I’m pretty sure my Husker Lovin Hubby is near the end of his rope and thinks I’ve officially lost it. He wonders when I’m going to give up and get a “real job” again. A job with a consistent paycheck. He wants to know why the house isn’t cleaner (since I’m home all day of course). He wants to know what I do all day (because taking care of two kids and working on my computer is NOT work, right?!). He wants to know if I’m happy living on a dream and a prayer. He wants to know if it will all be ok.

God love him.

I love him.

And I’m glad he loves me. (If you’re reading this babe, please just hang with me. I’ve got this!)

Now, I’m going to get real…

I am happy living on a dream and a prayer, but at times over the past few months, I’ve wanted to give up and just start applying for jobs. To take the road most traveled…

Why should I be one of the “lucky ones” who gets to live their dreams? Just get a job Sarah! Do the safe thing.

At times I’ve felt like an imposter.

Who am I to be a leadership coach? What the hell do I really know?

At times I’ve wanted to take a nap instead of hustle.

I’m tired. I’ve been working like crazy for a looooong time. I’ve got two toddlers. It can wait until tomorrow, right? 

At times I’ve pissed off my family. I’m being selfish to spend most of my energy on making #EpicShit happen.

But, although all these things pop up, I won’t give up. 

I’m not an imposter. I will continue to hustle. Why?

This is what I was BORN to do.RockstarBelieving

I was born to be a leader who helps people see their own unique brands of AWESOME. I was born to encourage young, amazing leaders to focus in on their #EpicShit and then hold them accountable for making strides to actually make that shit happen, NOW.

I was born to be a CQA: Chief question asker. I was born to be an ass-kicker and NO bull shitter. I was born to be a professional cheerleader. I was born to help people bring more LOVE and Leadership into this world. I was born to rock #EpicShit.

I was born to lead.

I’ve never felt more ON FIRE.

I WILL do this because I CAN do this. I am on purpose. I love this.

But, language is language.

It’s easy to say I’m going to do this.

But, if I’m going to continue doing this thing. I mean REALLY do this thing, I’ve gotta lean into what I AM. Even when my brain screams at me all of the things I’m NOT.  I’m not a great housekeeper, I’m not an expert at managing my time with work, kids, husband, time for me, time for fun, etc.—I constantly think I’m going to get more accomplished than I actually do. I’m not…


Instead of listening to the inner critic and all the things I’m NOT, I’ve gotta lean into what makes me, ME and MOVE forward! Every damn day. 


MOVE. Forward.

Even if it’s not perfect. Even if I’m not perfect.

This is what has been bringing me new clients, a new herd of amazing rockstar leaders who joined my #EpicShit 21-day challenge, new social media contracts and new opportunities to ROCK leadership workshops for ag organizations who know the importance of building leaders from the inside-out. That’s right. Being ME. Moving forward. Hustling.

Plus, I’ve got to be really clear on my goals (that until now I hadn’t formally written. Yeah, having them in your head is ok, but it’s been proven time and again that people with written goals ROCK out far harder than those who don’t…plus they make more money $$$. I’ve been a total hypocrite because I coach people all the time to write their goals all-the-time. So yup, I was NOT practicing what I preach. But…today’s a new day and I’m focusing on what I can do to BE ME).

So, here it goes. I’m making a public declaration. I will:

1. Have a minimum of eight active, private coaching clients each month (starting no later than November) and at least 50 rockstars enrolled in each free online offer that I create.

2. Take the kids on fun adventures in nature at least once a week (even in the winter). 

3. Practice yoga at least two times per week. 

4. Pay off my credit card debt by July 2016. 

5. Make a million dollars within the next three years. (that’s right…I wrote this).

6. Speak at a minimum of six conferences by July 2016. 

7. Start writing my first book before the end of 2015.

8. Have official date-nights with Husker Lovin Hubby at least twice a month.

9. Act in alignment with the truth that I CAN and WILL achieve everything I dream of.

These goals are not totally SMART…yet. And I’m sure they can be stated with much more Vim, Vip and Vigor. But that will come. This is a place to work from. They are written. I can have all that I want. I am worth it. The universe is listening.

Wow, this feels pretty good.

Hey….did you know…you’re also worth it! Right?!?

Do you have YOUR goals written down? Have you looked at them recently? How’s it shakin? Have you shared them with those who matter most?

Need some help? I’d love to be your CQA and professional ass-kicker. Let’s launch your #EpicShit. You can join my #AwesomeAugust club for virtual coaching along with a herd of amazing young leaders (starts next Monday-8/3), or I have a few spots open now in my personal coaching program.

Your #EpicShit is waiting to be unleashed too, so let’s rock!



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