Date Nights Rock

Husker Lovin Hubby and I have been making it a point to put effort into regular date nights since Cash arrived. I often have anxiety leading up to our dates because I worry about leaving the kidlets with a sitter, knowing I’ve hardly seen them during the work week. But, once we pull out of the driveway and head down the road, it gets better…

No matter if our date is a simple dinner sans kids or an elaborate affair, one thing is always the same…I love him more at the end of each date. I feel reconnected to the man I married.

Is this important when you’re running non-stop? Absolutely.

Does our marriage suffer when we skip a date? Oh boy.

Does it take effort? Hell yes.

My advice to Mommas is to make date night a priority! Your kids will benefit, you will benefit, and your hub will benefit. It’s a win/win/win! (Although this concept isn’t rocket science, it’s amazing how many parents don’t carve out this special time…hundreds of excuses later, they’re stressed, snippy and sad inside…I know this from experience).

Sometimes when gearing up for date night it takes all I have to get pumped. Sometimes I’m tired, sometimes I’m not really lovin my hubby for some reason or another, sometimes I’d rather hang with the kids, sometimes…the list goes on. BUT…after each date night I’m so glad we went.

Here a few date night DOs:

1. Live music and make-outs!

Need a great night out? Add music! We just saw the Zac Brown Band this weekend and loved singing at the top of our lungs to our fav tunes. Good times! Live music is food for the soul! Move your body, enjoy the people watching, smooch in between songs and simply rock out.

Need a cheap date night with live music? Hit up a local bar that has a local band playing and enjoy two stepping the night away for the cost of a cocktail.

2. Look hot!

Enjoy the date prep. Even have the sitter arrive early so you can have uninterrupted time to curl your locks and perfect your pout. Make him get excited about seeing you all glammed up! Even if you’re doing simple jeans and a T, add a little something special to show him you still care about impressing him.

3. Sit next to him vs. across during drinks and dinner.

Touch his knee, caress his neck with your fingertips, whisper into his ear…just be close. Breathe him in. Enjoy that you don’t have your little ones pulling your attention away from your man.

4. Go out early…happy hour drinks and appetizers can save you big $$$ and you’ll have a great time on a budget.

Get out there and date your men Mommas!

Here are a couple of recent date night pics that I love…even though HLH can’t help but be a smart ass! 😘


HLH and I before the ZBB concert on an amazing September night.


Our Anniversary night on the town. We checked out the newly renovated Union Station.