7 Weeks of Awesome

Baby Cash is growing, grunting and growling his way through life. At 7 weeks he is getting lovely fat rolls on his legs and he’s infatuated with ceiling fans (just like his sister was).


Lovely baby roll.

I’m starting to get anxious about returning to work. It’s all happening so quickly. Where does time go? Monday morning will be tough.

Husker Lovin Hubby (HLH) and I went out for the first time without baby for a live music fix (White Arrows and The Neighbourhood) last week and I’ve had a few hours without Cash since then. I took him to our sitter so I could get a quick haircut and then he went again today for four hours to start getting him in the groove of being in someone else’s arms.

While he was gone I heard phantom baby cries in the house.

My maternity leave went faster than I could have ever imagined. I didn’t do half of what I set out to do when it started, HLH was baffled that I didn’t get much done around the house since I was home all day (insert eye roll) and my tan is more of a tint…but I did the most important things.

  • I held my baby. I fed my baby. I loved on my baby.
  • I pumped a decent supply of milk. (Ugh!)
  • I enjoyed the heck out of Miss B (who has adapted so well thus far…including starting to use a potty!)
  • I got thank you cards written.
  • I took a shower everyday! Wahoo!

…And I didn’t kill HLH. Lol!

Bravo me!

Pray for me next week as I return to the office. I’m gonna need it.

Until next time…




Miss B reading to her brother.


4 thoughts on “7 Weeks of Awesome

  1. Hi Sarah, Love your “Lead Mare” blog! Perfect! The pictures are darling! Cashie has a sweet smile!
    He and Miss B are so much like my neice and nephew, Reese and Clark. What lucky little darlings to have such wonderful parents! I’ve missed you in the office but i know you needed this break. I don’t see you in the office anyway, but i sure know you’re there! I’m so glad I can get your blog this way! I’ll be praying for you next week! You are an angel that walks among us! Smiles, Kaye

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