Living Life…Changing the World

Original blog 1/22/13

This might be the shortest blog I’ve written.  I’m trying to get better at being concise.  We will just have to see how that goes huh? 

Over the past few weeks I’ve been BUZY!  I traveled six days to Pennsylvania, and Ohio with my beef rock stars.  I took on a big new leadership role at work.  I had a few less than exciting meltdowns about being a landlord. Miss B. survived her first real cold (and has now started fake coughing to be funny).  Husker Lovin Hubby got his first scratch on the new truck (gasp!).  I saw my first “Gangham Style” freestyle reining performance at the Denver Stock Show with good friends (awesome!).  Actually had a date-night and saw Django Unchained (Jamie Foxx was a stellar and looked good on a horse).  And I even branched out in the kitchen and made my first brisket, lobster tails, skittle vodka, and baby food. (THANK YOU Pinterest!)         

It’s been a blur, and I’m happy.  I’m LIVING LIFE!   

Yes, I’m out there living life, raising hell, and changing the world, folks! 

On days when I’m compelled to hit snooze three times because I’m one tired working momma or on mornings when I have to drop Miss B. off at the sitter before the sun is up, I try to keep this in mind. 
I re-ground in my personal mission statement, tell my man and my baby girl that I love them and put on my big-girl panties. 

Changing the world, folks. That’s right. I. am.  Are you?  Let’s do it together!


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