100 Things-Part 4

Original post 1/2/14

Will this list ever end? LOL! 

Well, my goal of having my 100 Things??? blog done by the end of 2013 didn’t happen, but that’s ok.  I’m sure my Husker Lovin Hubby who tasked me with this list several months ago could spit his out with little effort, but for me my lovely list is growing SLOWLY. Today I’m choosing to focus on the fact that I DO have things to add and know I’ll get to 100 things I love about Colorado some day…

Here are the latest adds:

58.  My second baby was conceived in Parker!  Mid-May we will welcome our newest edition…a SON! 

59.  I love that living here provides the potential of a White Christmas.  Even though we didn’t have one this year, it was nice thinking it was a possibility,

60.  Fall Bronco games in the Mile High city rock.  My hubby had season tickets this year and I picked one game to attend (since I’m such a huge sports fan).  The game I selected happened to fall on a perfect fall afternoon.  It was 70 degrees, sun beat down on my face for most of the game and it was really awesome to see all the fans decked out in blue and orange. Go Peyton Manning and the boys!  Super Bowl here we come!


61.  Speaking of sports…I have really enjoyed summertime Rockies games and the fact that the Rockies gifted Todd Helton with a HORSE for his retirement was awesome!  Only in Colorado.  How cool!


62.  Summertime outdoor concerts:  Eric Church on a July Saturday night with good friends. 


63.  More summertime outdoor concerts…at RED ROCKS!  I took my mom to her first Red Rocks concert in July.  AMAZING.


64.  Custom hats from Greeley Hat Works. I got my Husker Lovin Hubby a shirt there that ROCKS.  It says “I heart beaver (“hats” in small print)”…LOL!  Trent, the owner also makes me remember that #ColoRADo really is rad when he tweets with this fun hashtag.

65.  Camping near Steamboat springs with HLH and Miss B.  We stayed at a camp that was also hosting a huge herd of sheep. A little loud, but each morning the herd was driven from the top of the nearest mountain down to the lake for a cool morning drink.  Miss B loved watching the dogs work the herd and hearing the non-stop baaaaaahhhhhhs. She also loved the fire each night…I had a few heart attacks as she toddled around and did her best to escape me in hopes to touch the flames.  That kid has no fear and I felt like a cutting horse trying to stick to her cow as I was trying to wrangle her away.  P.S.  HLH still hasn’t caught a fish.  LOL!


66.  Denver isn’t too far from Cheyenne…and I finally got to see the “Daddy of Em All” at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo.  This has been on my list for a long time and although it was a raining day, the rodeo was great and I had a blast watching such a great, history-rich rodeo with friends.

67.  Regularly seeing antelope on the drive to work.

68.  Toll roads…I know this one might seem a little strange, but I love that I can take the E470 to the airport.  I get to avoid most of the stupid Colorado drivers and go FAST!  Plus in crappy weather they make extra effort to make the roads less gross.

69.  Every year Denver hosts the world’s largest rodeo:  The Western Stock show.  It’s coming right up and I’m excited!

70.  Floating the South Platte river.

71.  My awesome friend Kami Guildner lives here and has welcomed me into her Syzygy Coaching company with open arms.  The work we do in the Leadership Development space, leveraging the power of horses is awesome and she inspires me.  It’s great having such a strong supporter and friend. Plus her place in Evergreen is so peaceful!  Deer, elk, and birds all come to play.

72.  Downtown Parker offers free horse-drawn carriage rides on Saturday nights during the holidays and features an all horse holiday parade. 

73.  Coming sometime, hopefully soon  (things like this shouldn’t be forced)

Curious to read the previous 100 Things posts?  Check out Part 2 and Part 3 (first one linked above).

Although this is a “100 Things” post, I’m feeling compelled to add a bit more about what’s on my mind.  As I reflect on 2013 I get an overall feeling of happiness.  Miss B is thriving, baby #2 is growing well with less than 20 weeks to go before his debut.  I’ve continued to have wonderful opportunities to make a difference and I’ve had the chance to spend time with some amazing people. 

The power of a woman has been on my mind a lot lately (being pregnant probably has a lot to do with that).  From mommy bloggers to glass-ceiling busting females to trail-blazing lady pioneers.  I’ve been thinking about the things that make women so amazing.  Many of the great people I met this year were women and their stories were moving.  They included stories of happiness, stories of loss, stories of love, family, nature and commitment.  I’ve been humbled listening to each story and proud that I’ve had the chance to hear them.  I loved the time I spent being interested vs. interesting. 

As I reflect on all the stories, I’m in awe of:
• Woman’s ability to grow a tiny baby in her belly and nurture life.

• Woman’s ability to captivate a crowd with her charm, energy, and passion.

• Woman’s ability and strength in dealing with the devastating curve balls life can throw. (Yes, Cayce my dear your story ranks at the top of this one! You are such a rockstar)

• Woman’s ability to change with changing times.

• Woman’s ability to LOVE.

Women are amazing.  I’m sure many of you have seen the Dove campaign for real beauty.  If you haven’t, take a moment to watch it (RIGHT NOW).  When I watch this video, tears well up in my eyes.  Why?  Because it hits close to home I guess.  My heart aches for those times when I know I get my axles wrapped around the negative, the less than perfect and the self-judgments.  It aches for women I know who can’t see their own inner strength and beauty…and for those who have taken drastic measures to escape the pain or who never realize their potential.

On most days I would characterize myself as a strong, secure woman.  On MOST days.  But on some days, I can be so self-critical, hating my ever deepening forehead wrinkles, the cellulite on my thighs, the fact that I’m not always a rockstar homemaker and wife…the list can go on.  I can get sucked into the worry…the lack of perfection. Do you?

I hate resolutions, so for 2014 I’m focusing on a positive mantra:  You’re enough. 
I will remind myself to listen to that a little voice inside my head that tells me to “Suck it up, buttercup. You’re stronger than you think.”

I want my personal story to reek of strength and love…and I’m the one who has control of this destiny. 



What’s your mantra right now?  What do you want your story to be?  Share it and support the amazing, beautiful people around…wherever you are. 

Here’s to the next adventures life will bring…

Happy New Year!  2014, the year of the HORSE!


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