100 Things-Part 3

Original post 8/30/13

So we’ve been in Colorado for 2+ years and I still haven’t completed my Husker Lovin Hubby’s “100 Things” challenge. I’ve been thinking about my list a bunch over the past few weeks and I’d like to share the latest Colorful Colorado “loves.”

41.  Miss B. was born in Lone Tree, Colorado (she just had her 1st birthday…wow).  She’s the most amazing thing and Colorado will forever be linked to us.

42.  Live music in small mountain towns (The Little Bear Saloon) and amazing outdoor venues.  I finally saw my first show at Red Rocks and OMG!  It was a spiritual experience.  Not kidding.  Music feeds my soul and I can’t wait to go back to Red Rocks in a few weeks to see my boyfriend John Mayer (yeah I realize most people think he’s a db).  I think he’s a guitar god.  Sigh.  *blushing*

43.  Lilac bushes in the spring.  I get drunk on their fragrance.

44.  Budweiser has a huge facility up the road and they offer free tours with free beer!  I was recently exposed a Honeycrisp Apple Wheat beer by Shock Top there and it’s been my drink of choice this summer.

45.  Estes Park.  Husker Lovin Hubby’s little brother got married up there a few weeks ago and it was awesome!  The rugged Rocky Mountains, the ever-present hummingbirds, the breath-taking sunsets, the crisp mountain air…it was all perfection.  We stayed on the property of the Stanley hotel (where Stephen King wrote The Shining) and Miss B learned how to say “no.”  I also ate my first maple bacon donut. De-Lish.

46.  Since I’m talking donuts…I also LOVE The Donut, a great bakery in Centennial.  Small, family-owned and operated and world’s best strawberry donuts.  Droooooling.

47.  I get to see bluebirds, often!

48.  Garden of the Gods.  The Sedona of Colorado.  Kissing Camels rocks.  (yes this one is making the list twice)

49.  The Cherry Cricket.  It’s a Food Network best pic and the burgers with a fried egg and Peanut Butter are all the rage!  Don’t forget the fried pickles and deep fried Mac and Cheese too!

50.  Pikes Peak.  Ride the Cog Railway to the top if you get a chance and eat the fresh donuts (I didn’t realize I had such a thing for donuts until this blog)…but don’t take toddlers because it’s a SLOOOOW climb and you’ll have a lot of entertaining to do in a tight spot.  America the Beautiful was inspired by this majestic mountain.

51.  Yoga in the park in the summer.

52.  The blue cupcake truck that sits on Parker road. Wedding cake cupcakes. That’s all.

53.  Seeing people pull together in tough times.  The fires we’ve experienced over the past year have been devastating to many and people have come together and supported each other in many beautiful ways.  Good people serving good people.

54.  Nice hiking that’s just a short drive away.  Husker Lovin Hubby tinkers with rock climbing a bit and one of my favorite pictures with Miss B. is from a short hike we took straight up a mountain so we could go watch HLH climb.  I had baby girl strapped to my chest and I thought I might pass-out. I felt like a rockstar when I made it to the top and the view of Denver was lovely.


55.  Sleeping with the windows open in the summer.  (HLH is in AZ tonight at it was 111 at 8 PM…don’t miss that.)

56.  Aspen trees.

57.  Coors Field where the Rockies play.  Miss B. has been to two games and had a blast!

58.  Coming soon…

So that’s all for today.  Thanks for checking in!

My goal is to finish my “100 Things” before year-end.  We’re taking a road trip next month and I’m excited to see a new part of the state.  Can’t wait to add more things to my list!

What’s one of your favorite things about where you live?  Celebrate it and share it with others.

Until next time…



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