100 Things-Part 2

Original Post 9/6/13

A few weeks ago, I blogged about a challenge my Husker Loving Hubby gave me to come up with 100 things I love about living in Colorado.  It was his effort to help cure my somewhat bad attitude about our recent move from Arizona.  My first 100 Things blog listed 17 things…

Well we’ve been here for six months now and I’m pleased to report my “things” list has grown and I’ve been enjoying the heck out of summer in the Rockies!  Colder weather is on its way, so I just hope this lovely exercise continues to influence such a nice trend.  My list continues:

18.  Garden of the Gods.  The red colors, the textures, the contrast with the surround mountains.  Stunning.  

19.  Mountain huckleberries…but when I saw them all I could think about was bears coming down the trail to chow down.  I walked a little faster.

20.  HLH and I are closing in a few weeks on our first home “together” in Douglas County.  Our new address is way longer than my last name, but our bedroom view of the front range rocks and HLH gets his Husker man cave!  

21.  BeauJo’s Pizza. Slices of heaven. 

22.  Wakeboarding with an amazing view of the Rockies in the backdrop.  Sunset glassy water and jagged mountain peaks creates a “wow!” experience. 

23.  I had a good reason to buy a pink, camo, fleece lined jacket. 

24.  Horse-drawn carriage rides down 16th Street.  The draft horses are beautiful and the ride is so entertaining!

25.  The Vesta Dipping Grill.  The most amazing tuna experience I’ve ever had!

26.  Meeting up with an old friend from Coors Rodeo.  Hadn’t seen him in more than a decade. Very cool!

27.  Riding bikes downtown near the rolling river.  Good flow mojo.

28.  Less than five days of 100+ degree weather this summer.  Being able to play golf in the summer, without melting was a novel experience.

29.  The Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs.  They’ve got some priceless pieces of American history in that place!   

30.   Colorado drivers always give you plenty to discuss during long trips, although most times the language is R rated. (Couldn’t resist throwing this in.) 

31.  The Miss Rodeo America organization is headquartered in CO.

32.  I love being outside.  Mother nature’s beauty feeds my soul and the mountains are home.  Colorado and Idaho have a lot in common. It feels good to be back in this space. 

33.  Tubing down the river with friends on a hot summer day, hoping to survive the rocks and drops.   

34.  Watching Husker Loving Hubby attempt to catch a fish.

35.  Day dreaming about the cute boots I’ll most definitely need for winter.

36.  It’s Taco Soup and Rotel Dip time, but this year we won’t have to run the A/C when we enjoy it!

37.  Taking the light rail is such an adventure.  We took the bikes on board last time! 

38.  There are lots of horses and yoga classes available around here!  It has inspired me to actually give yoga another chance.  To be blogged about later. 

39.  Since we’ve moved, I’ve met several amazing leaders with big dreams! I love meeting cool new people and making creative connections.  Had I not moved, these new relationships may never have been.       

40.  The Colorado License plate is green and white.  My truck is green.  It matches.  Bonus!  hehehe

41.  coming soon…

Husky Loving Hubby’s “100 Things” challenge has had me thinking very positively about Colorado.  I’m eager to add to my list.  The most surprising part of this activity is how this positive approach has influenced my outlook in other areas in my life.  It’s truly amazing how your entire outlook can shift dramatically by making small efforts to focus on beauty instead of decay.

I now have lots of “100 Things I love about…” lists started in my head…a list for horses, music, food, my favorite travel destinations, leadership, and many more.  What “100 Things” lists would you be compelled to write about?

Life is adventure and I’m excited to keep adding to all my lists and sharing them with you! 



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