100 Things-Part 1

My Husker Loving Hubby suggested I make a list of a 100 things I love about living in Colorado.  This was his solution to the overall lack of enthusiasm that I’ve expressed about our new home state. It’s not that I don’t like it here, it’s just that I’m not yet in LOVE. 

I was having one of those days when all you feel like doing is focusing on the things you don’t have and all the things that are wrong. His simple list making suggestion was a gentle reminder to get over myself and start focusing on all of the gifts in my life.  

It will take time to complete my list of 100, but I thought I’d share a few thoughts about what I love about living in Colorado as a reminder to look for the small things in your life that bring you joy and embrace what is in front of you!  Here it goes:   

1.  Colorado sunsets are amazing.  The pinks, purples, oranges, blues and yellows against the pale blue sky and rugged front range…stunning. 

2.  Cool mountain air.  Being able to open the windows on summer nights for a cool breeze is pure heaven. 

3.  Tiny pine cones. 

4.  Camping and campfires are just a short trip up the mountain!

5.  Wild strawberries.

6.  I’m singing in Colorado clubs with a new band. I’m learning new tunes, playing new venues, sharing music with new audiences, and I’m bringing a little country to the band’s rock style!

7.  I can wear Wranglers and boots to work without any weird looks because I’m in Cowboy country!  In fact there is a Wrangler store a few blocks from my office!   

8.  Snowboarding!  I’ve missed you old friend.

9.  My 4-Wheel drive truck has a true purpose now, even if it is a “sissy truck” (according to Husker Loving Hubby).

10.  Water skippers. 

11.  Wild flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Hot pink is my favorite.

12.  Bunnies everywhere!  I know they cause havoc on yards, but they are so stinking adorable. 

13.  Downtown Denver is rad!  Random pianos to play on the streets, roller coasters, places where you can flip a coin for your dinner (yes, I won the flip and got free pizza and wings for my band!)…overall the vibe is relaxed but electric.

14.  There are trails everywhere!  Great for walking Izzy and I’ve even started jogging a bit.

15.  Brewery Bar.  WARNING:  HOT green chile.  (But eat it anyway!)

16.  Curvy Colorado roads.  My drive to work every morning is a blast!  Sometimes I think the people who designed the road systems in Colorado were drunk.  I wonder what they’ll be like with snow…

17.  There is a big white horse on the top of the Bronco’s football stadium, a giant horse greets you at the airport, and the kid’s chairs at the Park Meadows mall are saddles.     

That’s all for now.  I will continue building my list of Colorado affections and share a few more shortly.  What’s something small you love about your current hometown? 

Here’s my sunset view driving home last week…

Original Post 7.26.12


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